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Ryan Kent

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I am trying to better understand the value of these extras.

What is the difference between Resource Manager and just making a forum post with the info? I can see the user responses are framed differently via CSS, and Resource Mgr allows 1-5 star ratings. Also a user can choose to be updated if there are any updates, the same way they can already for forum posts they are watching. Is that it? Anything more compelling to entice a forum owner to get Resource Mgr?

Same questions for Media Manager. So rather than have a discussion around the original post where the media was added, you can have it's own thread discussion. Anything more?

Last question - - - regarding Media Manager, most of the URLs are ugly, at least here on XF. I assume most users who upload media wont take care to name it appropriately. How easy is it to change the name without breaking anything? If I went into a post and changed the name, would the media manager pick that up and update? Or would it be a broken link? and vice-versa

Tracy Perry

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With RM you have the ability to
Enable versioning
Link to actual file download
Link to file on remote site
Fileless resource (just text info)
Upload file to resource
Enter a support URL for the resource (shown with the resource)
Have a discussion thread associated with the resource
Have a download URL for the file (remote)
Have a download URL for Paid download (with price of item)
Custom fields associated with the resource
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Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 2.33.56 AM.png

The Media basically allows you to have galleries of certain types, with uploads of files, links to remote media or a combination of both.
You can have generic albums for anyone to upload into and you can have personal albums for the individual users. Instead of having to search through threads to find those images/links they are concentrated in those albums.

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