Lack of interest Resource Metadata


Think about a "download site" which offers downloads (e.g. fonts, icons, web templates, wallpapers, images, drivers, applications ...)
Wouldn't it be interesting if an admin of such a website could just use this XenForo add-on to manage the resources?

The basic idea is this: the admin of the website creates some "Resource metadata fields", while doing so, he can choose things like:

  • Field Type (user_id, string, date, time, date+time, enum, color)
  • Field Constraints (for ints, uints etc., could possibly just be a reg exp here, this behaves differently when the type 'enum' or 'color' has been chosen)
  • Multiple Values (yes/no)
  • Required Field (yes/no)

I also added 'color' to the field types, because that's a special case (displaying it), else it would just fit into 'enum'
You could also add an abstraction layer for displaying each field type, but I think that would take it too far for this add-on ...

Wouldn't this fit right into the 'metadata' column of the table 'xf_search_index'?
That would mean that these fields can easily be displayed on and also in each "search_result_..."

I would think (or maybe just hope) that with the abstraction that is already present in the XenForo architecture, this could be implemented fairly easily.