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I have already a xenforo license but i'm thinking of buying the resource manager.
Can it be used like a blog so that a resource actually is an article?
I'm more interested in this then a third party add on because it's originally from xf.
Are there people who use this as a resource for articles?
Are there sites who allready use the resource manager for this?
I also got two other questions, that would help me in my decision to buy the manager or not.

I use it but not as an article list.
1. May I ask how he has set up those thumbnails?
Isn't it restricted to use the uploader's avatar?
Just like here or here. I really would need this feature for my project.
2. Furthermore is it somehow possible to disable the version-stuff completly?

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You will have to contact the owner of the site to ask them about their customisations.

The version information is required for technical reasons and can't be disabled.