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Okay, this post might just be sour grapes. I fully admit this up front. I also fully understand how people who spend their time to write addons or make styles are free to do what they want and that we have the freedom to participate or not.

Having said all of that, does it seem to anyone else that since the Resource Manager went live, the people selling addons and styles has skyrocketed?

Example: Styles. The latest styles have 16 of the last 20 as paid only. For addons the number is only 7 of 18 (2 are tips & tricks and not an addon per se), but if you go a couple pages in you get 25 of the first 60. To contrast, after those 60 there are 0.

I guess what my point is (besides these sour grapes I know I'm going to be accused of) is that one of the things that made vB big in spite of crappy software was the addons. Yes, there were some pay ones there as well, but the ratio is much more skewed here. It feels like the vast majority of addons and styles from now on are going to be pay only.

Am I the only one feeling this way? If I am I'll slink off to my corner and STFU, but it seems to me to be this way.

And now I'll take my lumps.


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I personally prefer paid resources ironically as that may sound considering I release free resources but with paid resources the developer, styler etc now has more motivation to maintain support their resources (not saying people who provide freebies don't) but I think paid resources are the way to go.

If people take time to develop their talents with high quality resources (in this case styles) I don't see any cause for concern that they charge for it.

I prefer paid if the add-on i use is going to be supported in a fashion that the developer will remain active in improving that resource.

with regards to styles I have to admit I am seeing better, more higher quality designs lately so paid and motivation to create high quality is good in my books. *skulks in corner*


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You also have to think that until a week ago or so folks couldn't post commercial resources in the RM. I think we're in a transition period of having people convert there old paid mods and styles to the RM.


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Really? I didn't know that. So this is not as much a trend as something that was unable to be done before. Guess I not only look like sour grapes but dumb as well. :oops:

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Hi, so let me share my perspective. It took me about 15 days to learn how to properly code for Xenforo and in MVC. Xenforo has an absolutely sexy architecture, there's no doubt about that. However, it takes time, patience and planning to code for Xenforo. Planning, being the most important there. Compare that to VB. In VBulletin, all you had to do was open the php file, look for what hook is there where you need your functionality, see what variable is available, jump in to the Add new plugin, and just write the dirtiest possible code and it would work. So every Tom, **** and Harry could release a mod and of course, unless people have the infrastructure it's very difficult to support paid addons. Xenforo, the way it's built, prevents poor coding. It forces you to look at how it's done and generally it will need more committed and might I say, more talented people to make addons. Add the fact that now you have a way to charge people in the RM, so if someone who puts in the effort and commitment, he or she would want to charge.