Resource Manager

This is probably a stupid question but can I use the Resource Manager as a replacement for a blog on my site? I just want to post a whole load of articles and tutorials on my forum and maybe some interviews as well and I thought that the Resource Manager would be a good way of doing that. Plus it would integrate fully with the forum.

So I'd need to be able to add articles, interviews, tutorials and news. Do you think I could use the Resource Manager for that? The price certainly seems right to me which is good.
I don't think it would be a good fit.

A quick search revealed XenBlog which might be a better fit ( I'm not sure if it is compatible with the latest version and others might have better plugin suggestions.
Thanks for the link. I'd really rather use an official addon mainly because my theme should already support it according to my theme developer and also because I get official support from the same place for everything to do with Xenforo. I think I could do what I want with the resource manager. All I need is to make text articles. It seems like the Xenforo site itself uses the resource manager for that purpose with its hints and tips section which includes the ability to discuss the article on the forum as well. I think I'll go ahead and buy it. It might not be perfect but it'll certainly be better than shoe horning in a Wordpress install and cheaper than paying my theme developer to extend my theme for another third party product.