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Is it possible to Use resource manager connect to a google drive business account for UPLOADING features?
explain myself:

I want give to all my users the permission to upload file over resource manager, but my problem is the size of storage. I need to expand the storage size but hoster have no much solution for this all hoster give 500+Gb at too excessive costs.
So i thinking about, as storage i can use ONLY google drive with 2TB of storage and 99€ per year, but xenforo can connect the upload function to a google drive account?

users don't need to notice the difference between one or other upload method. they just need to upload files as they did everyday.
under the platform... it will be great if the upload process points to a google drive folder instead of server directory....


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thi is EXACTLY what I need :p thanks.

but amazon s3... have a strange payment method i see... you pay size of storage used and up/down activity...
Digital ocean is no good for large storage...
nothing with google so?


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Digital ocean is no good for large storage...
Why not? They have block storage for a very low set cost vs Amazon where you have varied costs. I have my site running on DO droplet with all attachments, media etc. on a block storage mounted on the server so it's transparent to XenForo. And now I can simply grow my block storage whenever I need to if I start filling it up.

DO also have Spaces instead of block storage, which is similar to S3 in design, has CDN and has existing XenForo site owners here implemented it.


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i see 5$mo for 250gb and 1Tb transfer... is little and really limiting.
i need at least 1TB storage and not real defined transfer rate, not more then 1TB/mo generally.

block storage cost 10$x100gb/mo... is not so cheap... maybe i miss something?


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Block is SSD attached storage, so it's really fast. Sounds like you want a huge amount of storage space but at very little cost. You can't interact with something like Google Drive on a webserver with XenForo, it doesn't work like that.

Maybe you should be charging your users for storing apparently such huge amounts of data on your servers to pay for the storage costs.


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I find a great offer, OVH give dedicated server with Xeon cpu and 2TB in soft raid for 50/55€ mo. Is not exactly optimized for xenforo... but maybe it will be good?


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HELLO, already me, i have another question about "FIle manager".

ok, I will buy the license and i get my "https://myforum/resource" new path... then my question is:
Can i rename the path in another word, for example "https://myforum/downloads"?

Becouse, in my old vbulletin forum there is a download plugin get as link "https://myforum/downloads".
I have many many discussions with inside many custom download links, and the link-target of all those buttons are generally:
or simply

if i can rename the file manager section inside Xenforo admin cpanel, it will be a great thing for all discussions and links that I have to import.


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Yes, the route name can be changed from resources to downloads.
Wow! Thank you so much! i'm so happy for this :LOL: I was thinking about the madness re-linking of all many buttons in the forum.... fiuh.

And then i have a last question:
Can i manage/determinate the file-size (kb/mb) of the files to be upload? there is a maximum/limit size?
I imagine that can upload a photoshop file about 15mb.
But can i upload too a zip file of 350mb?

i remember that in vbulletin we have got to modify a string text in php for this, becouse the initial upload limit was about 100mb. then we bring that to 500mb.


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Limits can be set on uploads.

For large files you will most likely need to make some changes in PHP and/or MySQL, but those are simple enough to do.