As designed Resource Manager downloads does not match history


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Affected version
XF 2.2.5 / RM 2.2.2 I assume
I noticed that the "Downloads" shown next to an addon in the Resources section doesn't match the number of downloads shown in the "History" page for that addon.

Using as an example:



... I've noticed the download count from other addons shows far more discrepancy than this example.

Is this a bug or something I'm missing in the way this is calculated?
It's sort of more "downloaders" than "downloads", though that's not totally accurate if you allow guest downloads.

But essentially, each of these counts are unique for individual users who have downloaded. A user that downloads both versions would be included in each version but only once in the global count. I believe this is how the counts have worked since the initial release of the RM.

(Full logic is in XFRM\Repository\ResourceVersion::logDownload.)
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