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In an effort to keep the resources relevant and to prevent purchases being made for unsupported paid resources, or resources being installed with no obvious indication that there is no author support available, they will be checked periodically and any which meet the internal criteria we have defined will be marked as Unmaintained (paid and free resources) or deleted (paid resources only).

This will typically only apply to resources where the author is no longer licensed, has had their forum account deleted, has been permanently banned, or has not visited the site for a period of time. The following action will be taken against paid and free resources:
  • Paid resources where the author has been absent for a while will first be marked as Unmaintained and, after a further period of time, be deleted.
  • Paid resources meeting any of the other criteria will be deleted immediately.
  • Free resources meeting any of the criteria will be marked as Unmaintained.
There may also be occasions where we delete free resources, if those resources are associated with a member who is a known pirate, for example.
In general though, any free resources which are deleted will have been deleted by the author or at the author's request.

The resource discussion thread will usually remain open so those using the resource can obtain community based support.

If you feel any resource needs to be marked as Unmaintained or deleted, due to meeting the aforementioned criteria, or for any other reason, please report it.

If you are a resource author and you would like your deleted resource restored, please report the resource or contact a member of staff.

Similarly, if you no longer wish to support a particular resource and would like to reassign it to another member, please let us know.
To further protect customers and end users from purchasing or installing abandoned or infrequently maintained and supported add-ons, we have changed the criteria used to mark them as Unmaintained or in the case of paid add-ons, delete them.

If resource authors wish to avoid their resources being affected by routine housekeeping, they should ensure the account used to list the resource is the same one they use to visit the site with on a regular basis, and to provide support on the dedicated resource threads.
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