XF 2 [RESOLVED] Need someone to FINE TUNE my forum [PAID]


Today I ran into an issue where my forum slowed down completely to a snail's pace and has not been functioning at normal speeds, therefore, I am losing sign ups and visitors. I have done so much research on whether I should switch from shared hosting to a VPS, yet I have found that a finely tuned server of lesser RAM can run better than an 8GB VPS. If anyone is looking to help, please PM me on here. The work will be paid. Thank you!

CHECK FOR MORE INFO: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/desperate-forum-loading-at-a-snails-pace.179918/

website: https://incorpmc.com


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How much are you currently paying for hosting?

If it's less than $20 a month I can put you in touch with the guy I use.
I will definitely keep you and your contacts in mind for next time, although the issue has been resolved! It was a database location service outage that resulted in the slow speed. Thank you though!


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Site still crazy slow. Takes around 30 secs for me to load each page. Something is very wrong...