XF 1.3 Reseting users passwords

Liam W

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What @Brogan says is true.

It would be much better to remove all users passwords (easily done via a query), then send them all a password reset email or have them request a password reset manually (send them all a bulk email from the AdminCP).



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What is your "database issue"?

It may be better if you explain exactly what it is you have done to this point, to avoid any complications going forward.
So i've imported users from another database and they all show up in my users list like they should, when I click on them to edit their profile it wants me to create a new profile with the name I clicked on. Seems like the database doesn't know they exist but they do?


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Which forum? Someone may still be able to suggest a way to import via conversion to other forum software first.

Do you still have the original database? I'm not sure that much can be done with just a CSV file (and what exactly does it contain?)


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The CSV file is setup the 'xf_user' format.
So, you only have 'details' for the xf_user table but you don't have any other data for the users - posts, avatars etc?

I'm not sure what you have is enough to 'import' a database. To be honest, if you don't have any posts or any other content from these users, you'd probably be just as well starting afresh and getting the users to register themselves.