Researching IP addresses within XF

I'm looking at the list of IP addresses I've banned. The first two portions indicate that all my spam users come from two areas.

So I'm considering banning these two as <nnn>.<nnn>.* but before I do, I would like to search the IP addresses used by my registered users to see how many this could affect - I'm hoping for zero. I can look up the IP's used by a single user, but is there a way - short of asking my developer to run a query on the tables themselves?

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You can search by IP address alone, which will return a list of any members who have used that IP address.

Is there a way to not see banned users and already banned IP's? It doesn't seem as if I can, e.g., see only my desired IP range and further restrict it to only members of the group Verified.




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No, the IP search has no other parameters than by IP.

You'd have to run the IP search then perhaps export to Excel and cross-match with a second standard search.
OK, thanks, so I'm back to my original premise, which is that this is something I will ask our developer to do.

Appreciate the guidance, would love to see a future XF have the ability to combine IP search with other things as described in my previous message.

A related question, please:

If I would like to ban a range of addresses but permit exception for a few legit users, is that possible, e.g., ban 99.100.* but allow and a few others? (All those are made-up addresses, btw.)

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There is no whitelist facility if I recall... you can ban/discourage an IP/range but you can't whitelist exceptions.

You could always ban the range at server level then they never even reach the software? You should be able to add an exception that way too.
It turns out that, to my great pleasure, I have _zero_ active, real users from the IP ranges I've been getting spammed from, so I will just ban them.