Requiring participation in a particular forum first?


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I did a search, can't find it, but I probably missed it if it's there.

Okay, my newest site is for weight loss surgery and I have both pre-ops and post-ops. I would like to "encourage" pre-ops to read one particular surgery board first before heading to the rest of the surgery boards. What I am trying to do is teach them about ALL the surgeries before they decide on one particular one.

The reason for this is the bariatric surgeons out there. About 90% of them do at most 3 of the surgeries not four. News media are just as guilty. They mention two or three of them. So the vast majority of pre-ops come in clueless as to the fact that there are more than just two or three possible options.

That is why I want to lock the four surgery boards to pre-ops.

Part of my TOU which they have to sign as part of registration is this:
Pre- Ops are to head to the Pre-Op Forum for information on all surgeries before visiting any of the individual surgery forums. You must have one post in either the introduction forum or the Pre-op forum before gaining access to any of the surgery forums. Post-Ops, please put a date in your profile to gain immediate access to the surgery forums.
This is also why I want to edit the Member Elements (I need Surgery dates, Doctor, and Type of Surgery in mine) but that's another thread.

So far, I have locked the forums involved from guest posting. Guests can read but not post.



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You would need an add-on for that.
That kind of permission control doesn't currently exist.

You could do it with account upgrades but it would have to be manually managed.


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Could I do it if I put the pre-op forum in one catagory and the rest of the surgery forums in another catagory and then used group permissions to weed thru them? If they were pre-ops, they go to one group, post-ops go to the other group?


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Yes, you can do it with permissions/usergroups but it would still be a manual process.
You'd basically have to check if each user had posted in that forum and then add them to the other group.


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You COULD do it automatically with an add-on, and a careful setup.

You could use this add-on:

Set the forum up so new users can only post in the forum you first want them to post in.

This way they will not be able to get any posts from any of the other forums.

Then set the add-on up to add the user to a new usergroup when they receive their "first post trophy". Since they cannot post anywhere, but the forum you want them to first post in, this will mean they posted THERE.

Then this new usergroup can have permissions to post everywhere.

So basically, with one new usergroup, one add-on, and a careful setup, you can make this automatic -- if I understand the scenario.