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XF 1.2 required user field gets ignored

I see new user registering without completing one of my required user fields.

Users > Custom User fields > Name

Regular expression:
Field is required is checked.

What am I missing?
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After opening a trouble ticket and working closely with XenForo support we determined that the Tapatalk plugin allows new signups from Tapatalk without filling in required fields.

Contacting Tapatalk to add the option to disable New signup and to also be following forum rules. The VB version of the plugin allows to disable new registration via tapatalk while the XF version does not have that option (yet).
Open the file mobiquo/config/config.txt

inappreg = 0
inappsignin = 0
Open the file mobiquo/include/get_config.php


$config_list['inappreg'] =  new xmlrpcval(isset($register_setup['enabled']) && $register_setup['enabled'] ? '1' : '0', 'string');

$config_list['inappreg'] =  new xmlrpcval(isset($register_setup['enabled']) && $register_setup['enabled'] ? '0' : '0', 'string');