XF 1.5 requested_user_x_not_found

Hi All, and thanks for trying to help me.

A while back I tried to upgrade my forums. I screwed it up. Today, while trying to upgrade again, I unloaded the upgrade version of xenForo, and when I directed to the url to upgrade, forums/install/index.php?upgrade/login, I received the following error after trying to log into the admin cp with my admin account:


Did I accidently wipe the forums? I am guessing I did, and since I don't have a backup, I am also guessing I am going to have to reinstall xenForo from scratch. Am I correct or is there a way I can add myself as admin again?

Again, thanks for trying to assist.
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Which site is it for?

The URL in your customer area doesn't seem to load (it should be kept up to date).


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Scratch that - I just realised you have two accounts.

Just to clarify, you're trying to log in here with an administrator account: http://imjustacop.com/forums/install/index.php?upgrade/

Just uploading the files shouldn't affect that as the database is untouched at that point.

It's probably easier if you submit a ticket with ACP, FTP and phpMyAdmin access so I can take a look.