Request to change Red hat in topright?



Hi there,

Having bad eyes means I recognize areas as they are known - muscle memory - kinda .. contours and what not all help with focussing on content, so I don't have to focus or pay extra attention to the toolbars (knowing where File is always, no need to stress eyes to try and read it and just click on it, knowing where it is) ..

The red where the red alerts are, quite annoying .. For people like me at least. I dunno about others.

Could it be changed to green perhaps just so my eyes don't get a glimpse of red and tell my brain "oh new alert?" .. Using alerts is important in this software, and getting tricked makes you want to just block the images and do it another way - but I am hoping a simple color change would help already.

Thanks :)


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yeah, I have to say... the same thing keeps happening to me - I get all excited that I have an alert and then look over properly and am sorely disappointed. haha!


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It's funny the connections your brain makes with the smallest trigger... when I first saw this thread title, my immediate thought by association was 'Linux' roflol