Add-on {Request} Paid Memberships

Hi guys and girls,

Im looking for an addon that will allow me to create a group with extra permissions.

So i have my regular users. They are free. Now some of my members have askd me to create VIP/ELITE/GOLD Memberships that they can purchase to support the site.

Now i have a donation link on my forums that they can use but they say that there not getting anything in return. Other than regular use of the forums.

So what i am looking for or asking for if its not already out there is this.

A paid membership where in return my members would get these features.

Can Change there name Colour.
Can have an ELITE/VIP/GOLD badge
Can change their name X Amount in a month
Can have access to paid nodes (Created my side)
Have their own unique customization like signatures/profile customization
And anything else really,

So does anybody know where i can find this?
I know that Se7enSins has something like this
Ok, but i would like them to be able to select their own username colour

Similar to Se7en Sins
And i know this is possible because se7en sins uses XF
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