[Request] Can someone create a guide to embed xenforo into wordpress?

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I like the way that their blog navigation is constant even on their forum page... and they stripped the forum headers to make it integrate nicely into their blog. If this could be done with XF and WP and have logins integrated, this would be absolutely amazing! Can anyone help show the XF community how to do this?
You would have to do it via iframe and all the inherit limitations of that.
Embedding with Frameless integration would be very difficult. As well, realize you are loading both softwares ... so page loads can be slow.

On that site, the forums are very low traffic. Frameless integration is probably pretty difficult on anything but a slow forum.

I saw some good frameless integration between vB3 + Joomla via jfusion. And Joomla + phpBB3 via jfusion. jfusion does support Wordpress ... at least for user integration.

You might have more stable success styling WP + XF to look the same.
You will need to create a similar header. Nothing we can really do for you now. You just need to be patient and recode your header using html & css. Forget the solution of using an iframe. That's not a serious option. And you will waste your time trying. So prepare some coffee and start as soon as you can.
Is there a plugin that will integrate the logins? So if someone logs into Wordpress, they will automatically be logged into Xenforo? And if an account is created in Wordpress, it is also created in Xenforo?
Is there a plugin that will integrate the logins? So if someone logs into Wordpress, they will automatically be logged into Xenforo? And if an account is created in Wordpress, it is also created in Xenforo?
You need a bridge to deal relations between those two. I'm using this one. Now you have to know that with this bridge Wordpress will use the XenForo database for users, which might have some consequences on some addons. For example on an online shop. Not really easy to deal with.

For the login, I've just saw a new addon here. On my website I'm using a basic form redirection which works very well. You can find the code here.
The XenDynamic theme/add-on takes care of making WP look like XF. It's two parts -- theme files for WP, and an add-on for XF that sets up some CSS files and a template or two for WP to read.
Hey Cedric, do you have chat with lph ?
He's been working on Wordpress at Xenscripts.com.
Seems like you two both know alot about Wordpress.
I try to avoid Wordpress as much as possible. I don't like the way the coding is done in "templates" (php files with html/sql/php). And the addons/theme quality are sometimes really not good. I've bought a theme... an expensive on... when I look inside the code I wanted to cry, I had to rewrite a big part of it (that's a reason I know a little -but really not a lot- about Wordpress). And even with that, loading pages to create/save a post is so slow (comparing to XenForo)... That's why I'm still waiting before to do anything with one of my websites. I don't really have faith in the combo Wordpress/XenForo. I would prefer a XenForo solution, but to have this, there must be an experimented coders team interested in developing a portal here, which means the trial must be over, because right now, for an independent coder, XenForo is a territory for believers and not a viable market.
I have the same conundrum and need to integrate my new WP and Xen site so it is consistent and coherent.

It is made worse for me as I have to update my menus from time to time by adding/taking away sub menus. I can only assume every time I add or take away my WP menus I would need to re hack the header so that the changes would be seen in the Xenforo area of the site? Not being a coder this is a pain in the butt for me.

To get around my problem I though of having a simplified drop down menu of the WP menu for the Xenforo area of the site that displays only the parent categories of each menu. When selecting one of the menu links it would take the user from the xenforo area of the site back to the WP area of the site where the user can find sub menu categories should the user need them.

I think by doing it this way, any sub menu of any parent menu I need to change in the WP area of the site will not require a re hack on the simplified menu displayed on the Xenforo part of the site.

I am surprised that there is not a plugin out to make this easy (Xen + WP). One great thing about my VB4 CMS site is that I can do all of this without hacks. Of course WP and Xen are 2 different Softwares but we should have a proper plugin to marry these 2 properly. VB5 is a no go for me, even now it has the CMS. I would have jumped to Xenforo along time ago if it were not for the lack of robust CMS and Menus which I need.

is a very nice WP + Xen site. I am kind of looking for a similar integration but with a more complex menu system. my current Site using vb4.2.2 cms. I will be slowly building my new site with Xenforo and WP and then migrate but I have to figure out how best to hack the header and menus.!
Hey thanks for that.

I do not have my Xen/WP test site up yet so can't test it out yet. Assuming I am using this mod to display my WP menu within the Xenforo areas of my site, if I was to run with this and I was to say add more menus/sub menus later down the line would it be a case of copy and paste from one the other to see the updated changes to take effect in the Xenforo area of my site?

When you say I may need to modify CSS can you give me an example of when I may need to do this? Sorry for the noob questions.

Good morning :)

You'll definitely want to set up a local test environment. This will save you from tons of grief.

Yes, the link I provided is helpful in creating a dynamic header. With that understood, it is also highly experimental. You'll want to work through issues on a local environment and not on a live production site. The post was just a way to get people started. Personally - I use the copy/paste method and not the dynamic header. But my site is usually a mess from tinkering (It's more of a sandbox ...).

Sorry. I cannot help with CSS. I'm not a theme developer but push through firebug and plenty of mistakes :)

Best of luck.
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