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XF 1.5 Reports not send


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Users can send moderators a report message for post but is not send reports moderators on youtsite.com/reports link

system say to user: Report send to moderators. thank you..

But not send moderators on reported messages screen

how can ı fix problem ?


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Have the members explicitly been made moderators?
Or have they just been granted moderator permissions via the user group?

Moderators need to be made either global or content moderators for specific forums in order to see the reports.

Permissions is true. I Am super admin and super moderator on my forum but I and other moderators can't see report messages

edit: I login to report screen in link but they haven't reports. I add a system for test account on my forum for try to report messages . I can send report messages for user account . system say report sending moderator mesaage , but report screen is empty

edit2: Error is not xenforo 1.5.0 ( on my test forum )

edit 3: I dısabled all add-ons but bug is not fixed
xenforo version 1.5.1
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Chris D

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Is this the Reports link you can see?


And when you click on it, do you see a message that says "There are no active reports requiring your attention." or is it some other message?

You may need to check the permissions of your user account.

Go to Admin CP > Users > Analyze Permissions

Click the "Node Permissions" tab and from the list select the forum where the posts have been reported. In the "User Name" field, type your username.

In the list, specifically look at the value for: "Edit post by anyone" and "Delete post by anyone".

If the value is "No" click "(Details)" and screenshot that.


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Hello Chriss

It's really hard to believe but its realy : automatically fix the problem , ı don't understand to fix thanks for your help

Chris D

XenForo developer
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I am going to guess that at some point some permissions were changed, then things didn't update until the moderator caches updated. Glad it's working :)