Reported Posts Question

Good morning! My name is Woodrow and I run a message board for our local off-road community utilizing XenForo software.

I AM NOT a tech-savvy man, but I can usually pretend pretty well. I have a member who has done most of the dirty work with programming and such, but I'm trying to learn more as I go so he doesn't get overwhelmed.

I have recently had complaints of misconduct on my board and I've been advising members to use the Report feature, as it alerts us to issues we may have missed. I've also brought on a couple new Senior Mods to help out with it and have been setting up our warning system, which is VERY impressive!

The question brought to my attention is, Who can see the reported posts? My understanding is that the reportER is anonymous to the reportED, but that may not help if any of my generic/forum-specific mods can also see the reports. If forum mods can see reports by default, is there a way to revoke that privilege?

Thanks, in advance, for the help. I'll be lurking around here more frequently now that I've found this forum.