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Thread tags can be abused and mistakes can be made. People often think that they can anonymously post a tag and post abusive words to troll. It also happens a lot that people misspell tags.
Its virtually impossible for an admin to find and correct tags on a medium to large board. Simply due to the size. Especially in the case of abuse, flaming, insult its needed to that members can report a bad tag. This way the moderators can take action.

Optimally there would be a report center function to remove a tag from the database completely.


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No, IMHO it would not.
Most members will not use the post report system anyway, because they feel bad reporting on a fellow member.
That aside, you can not report a thread, but only a post. Reporting a post also means reporting the member that posted the post.
But if a member does use the post report function to report a tag, then often they will not mention which tag is bad. If a thread has a lot of tags, then its up to the moderator to go search for the bad tag.
Then if the moderator find the bad tag, what will the moderator do then? Message an admin, ask the admin to go into admin panel, search for the tag and remove it? Likely the moderator will have no tools themselves. This does not sound very optimal to me.

If a tag can be reported. (like with XenTags) then it can be reported without reporting a member.
It would be instantly clear which tag is reported.
If a tag management function is included then the moderate can handle the report fully, without the need to relay the task.


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It would be nice if there was an approval queue for tags. I wouldn't even want bad tags to see the day of light.

I doubt they would do that, so I guess this is the next best thing. :p
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The ability to search and edit singular tags, does not equal useful tag management. Especially not if there are tens of thousands of tags. that need to be evaluated, merged, deleted.