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Reply questions before submit thread - Require user reply the question before submit thread

Description: This Addon will require user reply the question before submit thread. For some reason maybe this helpful for anti SPAM :p.
- Download file then upload all files to host.
- Login to ACP -> import xml
- Set question and answer in option of Add-on (See screeshot for more information :p)

Final: Review this Addon if its working as expected :p
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Would love to see usergroup based rather then time condition as some spammers sign up and return weeks/months later to spam.
Possible to set conditions? Such as only for users who have registered in the past week, or have less than 10 posts?
Next version will support:
- Multiple questions and answer (Of course will display random question :p)
- Applied with special forums
- Add some permissions to check. Message count, Register date and I also add permission group user can pass this Addon :p
At this time I'm testing :D


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Bigest updated!

Update new!!!
- Add new some permissions allow checking register date, message count and also add permission group user can pass with reply questions.
- Allow add multiple questions and answers, display random questions to user
- Allow choose special forums which was applied with Addon. Leave empty if you want to check all forums :D

Review if Its working as expected :p
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Very helpfull if you have Forum Parts open for Guest.
Thanks a lot.

P.S.: Is it possible to set it just for selected Forums/-Nodes?