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Add-on Replacement for Kraken image compressor

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by KC Riley, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. KC Riley

    KC Riley Active Member

    It appears the orginal Kraken IO plugin is officially been moved into the unmaintained status.

    This an extremely valuable add-on for any site owner looking to save disk space and to increae page load speeds.

    Are there any developer interested in developing a brand new replacement for Goodfornithing's Kraken add-on.

    Every Xenforo site that depends on image uploads should have an automated compressor vs. relying on members that often lack the skills to optimize the images on their own.
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  2. KC Riley

    KC Riley Active Member

    Every Xenforo owner should want this plugin. Google is becoming increasing unkind to slow loading websites.

    If your nearest competitor has much faster page load time, Google is going to show them more love. Your business will hurt.

    Image optimization is fundament and critical. It's not something any Xenforo site owner should ignore.

    You might ignore image optimization, Google won't.

    Given how much work goes into SEO, image optimization is a foolish place to take hit with you page speed and page rank.
  3. drastic

    drastic Well-Known Member

    I recently asked them a question about their kraken addon and they didn't bother answering.
  4. melbo

    melbo Well-Known Member

    I use GFN Kraken with jpegoptim on my server and would love to see this extended to also compress png. I've never used it with Kraken and prefer to process all images locally (but automated :))

    Since GFN has left, I've been keeping my eye out for a replacment
  5. KC Riley

    KC Riley Active Member

    That author had abbandoned all of their add-on's. At least it appears to be the case.

    I was contacted by developer recently who was interested in designing the add-on. I'll ask him to post in this thread to see if we can group fund a replacement.
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  6. KC Riley

    KC Riley Active Member

    After a discussion with one potential developer we were not able to come to agreement. I'm developing an adult website.

    That was a concern for the developer who originally purposed to design the new Kraken add-on. Are there any Xenforo developer willing to design a new Kraken add-on who will not be concern with the add-on be used on a adult site?
  7. Mouth

    Mouth Well-Known Member

  8. KC Riley

    KC Riley Active Member

  9. OakleyForum

    OakleyForum Active Member

    Definitely agree this should be built in, also with support for jpegoptim as this can easily be done server-side.
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