MG 2.0 Replace a gallery image via FTP so that the link remains same


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We know that so far it is not possible to update a new version of an image (without changing the link). There is a suggestion for this already. Unfortunately, this a must for me to use the gallery in one of my sites.

So, until that suggestion is implemented (if it does), is there any alternative way to do that? For the moment I do not need this option for all the members, rather if I can do this myself through FTP (e.g. replace the old picture with the new version maintaining the same name) or any other means, that would suffice (as a temporary solution).

But, I have a strong feeling that if I do that, I will break some checksum or flag in the database. Would I?


Chris D

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Not quite but there would be stuff to change in the database to sort it. As such, it’s not quite as simple and therefore we can’t advise or recommend that it is done.

We’d just recommend deleting and re-uploading the image.


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Thanks @Chris D, yes, I also don't want to do any manual change in the database.

Unfortunately, reuploading is not an option because that would break the inserted images in lots of posts. The main reason I am looking for a gallery solution is to embed images in posts from gallery and have the ability to update the new version of the image anytime (such that the embeded images inside the posts do not break).

Will hope and wait for the suggestion to be implemented, thanks.


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You could just add a redirect from the old URL to the new URL.
Thanks, Chris, that could indeed be a temporary solution but I would really love to see that feature in a future release to avoid a long redirection list for a large number of images.


I too would love to see a clean solution to this.

Looking at the issue from another angle, it would be nice if we could insert images in media comments just like in threads within forums. That way at least you could at least include the latest version of the image within "the record", if you will.
As it is now, the Insert Image tool (Ctrl+P) within a media comment prompts you for a URL, not a Drop Image (Or click here) prompt.

Is it possible to make the media comment Insert Image tool work like a forum thread Insert Image tool?