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Render (activate) XenForo redactor

Hello guys, i'm noob in JS and don't know how to render redactor in js.

I try load page (page contains redactor) via AJAX, but redactor don't display.
I use such construction:

var $destinationContainer = $($input.data('destination'));
        var handleAjaxResponse = function (ajaxData, textStatus){
                if (ajaxData.error) {
                    XenForo.hasResponseError(ajaxData, textStatus);
                else {                   
                    new XenForo.ExtLoader(ajaxData);
        $input.click(function() {
            if ($destinationContainer.html().length === 0)
                XenForo.ajax($(this).data('loadurl'), {}, handleAjaxResponse);
Do Somebody knows how to display redactor?