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Removing the trailing slash from the url redirects


Well-known member
When I visit my forum(repalce u for www, and xx for tt.. I'm trying to avoid live links to not get in to trouble)

it redirects to:

When I visit
It redirects to:

How do I get it to redirect to
hxxp://uuu.surreyforum.co.uk instead of hxxp://uuu.surreyforum.co.uk/


Well-known member
Its a start on the performance tweaks, the first thing I want to do is remove unnecessary redirects.

I believe most people will want to visit (by typing in) and want to link to "hxxp://uuu.surreyforum.co.uk" and not "hxxp://uuu.surreyforum.co.uk/"


XenForo developer
Staff member
There is no request to domain.com - the minimum request is always to domain.com/ . At lower directory levels, it's Apache that adds the trailing slash.