XF 2.2 Removing the board name from our homepage

Graham Smith

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Our board name is well advertised in our header logo, so there's no need to show it on our homepage.

I looked on this forum and found an old post which said put this in extra.less

.p-title {
display: none;

However, on our forum pages, it also removed these icons
Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 16.11.27.webp

Is there another solution?
.p-title h1
    visibility: hidden;

Using that instead of display: none ensures the buttons remain in the same location.
Does this change your google results or remove the title from google search results?


Google typically still does display and use text on a page that is visibility:hidden and/or display:none in their search results. This isn't guaranteed but the use of css options to hide text does not block that same text from inclusion in search results and SEO factoring as far as Google is concerned.
An old thread - and I'm not specifically addressing the issue in the OP, but just in case it helps anyone, I built a very simple addon a while back which gives more control over what appears at the home page title.

The intent was actually the opposite of the OP - to show a longer, more descriptive title on the home page, while allowing you to set the boardTitle in the options to something shorter - since this is used as a suffix on browser tabs and such.

It may still be useful for people looking for a solution - especially one that doesn't involve hiding text using CSS.
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