XF 1.1 Removing some stuff from registration field+invite only forum?

I recently purchased and instated xenForo, and got a few questions.

1.When a new user wants to register for my forum he goes to the "registration form/page" I want to know if I can control the information he is asked to provide before he register ?
*Can I remove the birthday field or any other Field from the "registration form/page"?

2.When I first open the forum to the public I would like to make it invitation only or registration with a code...Is it possible with xenForo?

That make That makes sense, at least for my second question(would like to hear a add-on recommendation for that)

You sure I cant edit the "registration form/page"? without an add-on?


XenForo developer
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Well, you can edit the register_form template but if the server expects some data that it doesn't receive then you may receive registration errors. (Which would require an add-on to handle.)