XF 1.5 Removing 'Members' Tab


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I have "Enable Member List" Unchecked, and yet the Members tab is still showing.

Is there another setting that has to be changed to remove the Members tab?


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That option is just for the alphabetical list on the member page.

You can edit the navigation template to remove the tab but why do you want to remove it?

Jake Bunce

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Be mindful that if you remove that tab and then visit a profile page or other page which selects that tab then it can cause visual weirdness in the navigation area.


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You will want to do this for both the Unregistered / Unconfirmed and the Registered user groups

Admin CP -> Users -> Group Permissions -> Unregistered / Unconfirmed -> View member lists: -> Not Set (No)
Thank you. Appreciate the help.

Would it matter if I set the other groups to this setting too?


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Can I default the Members tab to Registered Members list, instead of Notable Members?
I would think so. Check out this resource Change Members Tab to Recent Activity and it may give you enough of a clue to figure it out.(i.e. what to replace {$tabs.members.href} with, in order to get Registered Members to show up instead.)

Yes, here is your answer!
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