Remove the 'Media' tab when viewing a member profile


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If the member has created an album and has uploaded at least one picture to it then when viewing his profile there are two new tabs: 'Media' and 'Albums'. I want to keep Albums but I don't want the 'Media' tab there.

Can I do this with CSS?


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I tried removing the following from xengallery_media_profile_tab:

<xen:if is="{$user.xengallery_media_count}">
    <li><a id="xengalleryMediaUserTab" href="{$requestPaths.requestUri}#xengalleryMediaUser">{xen:phrase xengallery_user_media}</a></li>
However that results that when I click on "Albums" then I get the contents of the "Media" tab (even when it is now gone).

Chris D

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There's two parts.

The tab and the content for the tab. You need to remove the content for the tab from this template: