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Lack of Interest Remove previous import

Discussion in 'Closed Suggestions' started by silendreamer, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. silendreamer

    silendreamer Active Member

    As I see right now, many users are having problems with the import. When I tried the import, it stalled at importing users and I had a forum with half the users. Now I had two options, "Retry/Continue the import" or "Start a fresh import"

    But there is no option to remove the old import completely, thus bringing the forum to it's initial stage, i.e. before starting the import.

    This is something very important if we already have a forum running and want to import another vB forum into this existing one.

    If I am misunderstood the "Start a fresh import" option, and if it does exactly what I am asking for, then please disregard this post. I did not try this option as I was only trying on a test board with no users

    Also I might have posted it in the wrong forum as now that I think about it, its not a big feature, but just a tweak ..I guess ..no?
  2. borbole

    borbole Well-Known Member

    I haven''t had a chance to test the importer system yet but Start a fresh import sounds like it will do just that. At least from the wording. But you can try it out and see how it will go. If it ain''t what you want, you can always start out from the begin manually.
  3. silendreamer

    silendreamer Active Member

    i am not sure if the fresh import would actually delete the already imported data
  4. DSF

    DSF Well-Known Member

    A fresh import will ADD to the current content.
  5. Ranger375

    Ranger375 Well-Known Member

    I ran into the same problem as you. I ended up just dropping the db and doing a complete reinstall (saved the style though and imported it).
  6. Erik

    Erik Well-Known Member

    Back-up your database before doing the import. Problem solved. :)
  7. Paul M

    Paul M Well-Known Member

    It wont.

    This is the answer :)
  8. silendreamer

    silendreamer Active Member

    Yes, thats exactly what I feared.
    Backing up database is good, but the developers should not be counting on people backing up their database. When we are paying for a software, we want it to do what it's supposed to do. We should not be worrying about the script not working properly, and thus having to back up data.

    I would personally say "Anyone not backing up data before a major (sometime even minor) change is an idiot, but surely "That is not the answer". There needs to be an option to delete the "incompletely imported data" and then start a fresh import, just like how impex does.

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