XF 1.5 Remove postbit for first post in a certain forum


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odd case, but wondering if this is possible --

what would the template conditional be to remove the postbit from the first post of a thread, if the thread exists in a certain forum? Any easy way to do that?

<xen:if is="{$forum.node_id} == 1 AND {$thread.first_post_id} == {$message.post_id}">

Change the 1 to the node ID.

That assumes $forum, $thread and $message are all available in the template you are editing.

would message_user_info have all those variables available? I'm just trying to get rid of the MessageUserInfo block on first posts in certain forums.
You can check if a variable is available by adding this to the template:
{xen:helper dump, $variable}

If it returns an array then it's available, otherwise it if returns NULL it's not available.
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