Lack of interest remove "Meta Name Description" cutoff


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when adding a Forum-description to a Forum-Category, currently the "Meta Name Description" is cut off after 191 characters.

When looking at the source-code, the "meta name description" is cut off and ends with a comma and 3 dots

Is there a chance to remove this "cut off" ?

<meta name="description" content="Networking text for aaaaaaaaa and bbbbbbbbbbb interested in ddddddd with ggggggg, text text text text and text in text, create business text, doing business in Germany,..." />


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The meta description is always cut to a maximum of 200 characters. This is controlled by code in the PAGE_CONTAINER template.


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I would suggest to extend this a bit.
Maybe 300 characters, so that "Forum Description" is not cut off with regards to the "Meta Name" (SEO).