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Remove last post avatars - Removes last post avatars from forum list and forum view.

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Removes last post avatars from forum list and forum view.

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Aren't them already removed by default on Xenforo or am I missing something? I had to install an add-on to have them displayed, called "Last Post Avatar" by ThemeHouse.


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doesn't this do the same thing?

.node-extra-icon {
    display: none;
I am already using this but, you still have in my case 20 request which are downloading 20 avatars in background and slowing page load down.

@AndyB I have now downloaded and installed your addon but it doesn't seem to work :S maybe because of my theme UI.X 2 Classic?


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As far as I know if you use display:none the request is not downloaded. The only possible reason you still have requests downloading is if you add display:none at the bottom of the css (or in a separate file) so that the browser intercepts the "display:none" only after having downloaded all the pictures, so a quick (and free) solution, as Dermot said, is to use .node-extra-icon{display:none !important} at the very top of your extra.css file.