Remove "arrow" from quick reply box!

Hey, I have been trying to get the arrow to not show up on the quick reply box only.

However, all of my attempts have taken it from the posts as well... So, I am not having much luck.

Anyone have a simple trick, or complicated trick, that I seem to be missing?



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This will also remove the arrow from the messageuserblocks in posts also. paste this in EXTRA.CSS

.messageUserBlock .arrow { display: none !important; }
Is there CSS to throw in EXTRA.CSS to remove just from quick reply? Or is my if statement okay?

Are template edits really that bad?

Having worked on vBulletin since 2002, I am very comfortable working on them. I know every resource you release revolves around EXTRA.CSS.
That also did it. Thanks! I suppose thinking about it, with 1.2 right around the corner. The fewer template edits in my current styles the better.

Was a good decision to make a new layout for 1.1.5 right now... :p