Remove 180 day restriction on member autocomplete when not a mention


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Perhaps for users to mention other users on the forum this is restricted for a reason, not sure. But it causes problems with certain actions.

Merging users:
When I merge users the autocomplete serves as an assurance you have the right member when you are able to select it. However a lot of merges are new users who say they have old accounts. So the autocomplete never works. Typing it in exactly is fine but it lacks that assurance. Can the restriction be lifted in acp for admin duties?

So I was needing to find an old conversation by a user but could not recall the username exactly. Some users have spaces, or underscores, and I was not able to find it! The autocomplete for finding the user based on who I had conversations with was not pulling it up due to age. Can this restriction be lifted for user searches that are not mentions? PS. It would also be nice if this particular search did NOT show all members but ONLY those I had conversations with. That's the whole point but it uses the entire member list so it shows users not in my conversations for selection.

Basically, keep the restriction for mentions only. But it would be nice to lift that too but I believe it is there for a reason. Thanks!
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Yeah, I agree with this. This caused issues for me yesterday when trying to manually apply some user upgrades for a batch of users, some of which hadn't logged in for over 180 days so they weren't showing up, which was a PITA
This does what you are asking....

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