Removal of certain links from throughout site


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In light of recent in the events in the states it's become apparently obvious that I need to get rid of a lot of links on my site. Sharing is no longer caring ;)

So can anyone suggest a way to rid myself of these caring links?


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Regular expression:
Regular expression: LinkRemoved
Would that be okay?
EDIT: That didn't work, not did moving the link down to the regular expression box. I have to admit I'm not confident using this tool at all.​


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A simple SQL query would do that.

UPDATE xf_post SET message = REPLACE(message,'current_content','new_content');

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However this means that anyone who legitimately needs to talk about the site will be caught by the filter.
That's b***s**t. people find ways ! :) m3gaupload rocks ! fil3share was fun.
Xenforo's super fast editing makes it even more likely people will find ways :).
I just used ******** to show how easily people get around filters :) I didnt even want to swear, but what the ****.