Remember Kier's vB4 mock style?

Things that employees create in the process of doing their job for a company are generally covered by "work for hire" and owned by the company.

It's covered by Intellectual Property, in that in Kier's contract, it may have been stated that any work produced for vBulletin, remains the property of vBulletin Solutions/ Internet Brands.
So that means he doesn't own the rights? Either way it isn't a direct rip or anything, so no problems.

He probably doesn't own the rights. Yep, it's not a direct rip, but uses some styling elements, and as far I as I know, that is fine.
Some elements look slightly familiar (eg the way replies/views is done, and of course the navbar which is not entirely unlike what ended up in vB4) but for the most part it is not the same as the vB mocks, not at all.
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