Releasing a new addon


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Well, first thread in this forum...that's interesting...probably not the right forum for this thread then :)

Anyway, I have a mod that I paid to have created and was wondering if others might also need something like it and release it to the community.

I was thinking that if there was a need by others and as I paid $150 for it, I could, if you thought it was reasonable, charge $25 for it. Then the first 6 sales I got I would keep the income just to recoup my $150. If sales kept coming I would donate the next $480 to setting up a Best Xenforo Site monthly competition, judged by the mods or community here etc and the monthly winner gets their next 12 months support paid for.

If any further income came from the mod, that would go to the developer to support it and create more mods, each mod being paid for by the previous mod.

It is all just a thought as it depends if anyone would want the mod that I paid for in the first place, a competition could be set up etc.

The mod I have is an RSS News Reader.

We use the "Registered Feeds" feature of XF to set up RSS feeds into a forum. What my mod does is it takes those RSS Feeds and creates a complete News Reader for them displaying the entire News Feed source page on your site. It also has the option of using Thread Prefixes so you can group together common interest News Feeds or specific sources into groups and provide separate News Reader pages based on those along with an "All News" page.

It is already a complete addon with its own "News" tab with the sub menu items of the tab auto generated by any Thread Prefix groups that you want to have. You can have a default News Reader page that is displayed when a user first opens the News Reader before he selects any News Items to view.

It has options of:

It is all working and using RSS Feed sources as specific News Reader pages on my site at:

But, is any one interested and is this whole idea of selling it and creating a monthly best XF site competition etc a good idea or just a waste of time?


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I like this. I think it could become a valuable asset to sites that are looking for that particular thing. I personally could get use out of it for a project I have upcoming.


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Have sent you a PM...I have packaged it up as an Addon with install instructions etc...there is only 2 clauses, it can't be used for any website relating to Aviation and has a link at the bottom that can be removed for a $20 donation. I paid for this addon to be developed for my site so we can use the $20 donation to pay other developers for more addons...perhaps we could start some kind of Co-op where donations from an addon fund the development of the next addon etc...or perhaps fund a Monthly Best XF Site competition...but the donation will naturally be based on honesty if that still exists in this world