#Rekt - With Custom Homepage!

#Rekt - With Custom Homepage! [Paid]

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Thanks for the awesome theme.
I have a question though.

I want to use the "side by side" nodes settings and I noticed that the height is not the same for the nodes.
Nodes with child boards are stretched out while nodes without child boards are not stretched out.
Is there a setting or a way to fix this? So that the nodes adjust on the highest height?

Many thanks in advance!


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after Upgrading to current Versions (ui.x addon + rekt) i get two canvas Panels menu trigger Icons for Navigation on mobile.
I checked Settings but always have two. Before update not. i see same issue also if i use parent #rekt style.
Both doing same thing - show left Navigation. I have Navigation Style = Default.
How can i fix that ?

Here Image of mobile view, from parent #rekt as example:

and the canvas config:

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Eoj Nawoh

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Been considering picking this up lately. How easy would it be to make this a dark theme? My users typically prefer darker themes.

Also, anyone currently running this so I can see what you've done with it?