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after Upgrading to current Versions (ui.x addon + rekt) i get two canvas Panels menu trigger Icons for Navigation on mobile.
I checked Settings but always have two. Before update not. i see same issue also if i use parent #rekt style.
Both doing same thing - show left Navigation. I have Navigation Style = Default.
How can i fix that ?

Here Image of mobile view, from parent #rekt as example:
View attachment 138724

and the canvas config:

View attachment 138725
I just did my update and have the same issue. Two burger menus, makes mobile unusable.

@Mike Creuzer
Hi! I'm receiving this error on the site
Xenforo = on 1.5.5 atm but I can't even get on the admin panel to do anything!!
Just curious did you install the newest version of the theme and addon? If so that's your problem because the newest version is only compatible with the newest version of xF which I believe is 1.5.9 you will need to update your version of xF but before then you'll probably need to add the code to disable listeners so you can get back into the AdminCP to be able to get your site to update.
I added my image that I wanted, transparent background color, and added 150 padding to the bottom so the image sits correctly or some of the image is cut off regardless of how I changed the size. Setting to the default did not make the image responsive though. @Mike Creuzer


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The welcome screen does not display at all. Awaiting response via customer support ticket, likely simply an issue of it not being compatible with 1.5.10 version of XF.
With current Version i have Problems on mobile view - if i hit to "Tools" menu in post controls and try for example "edit" -> the Tools menu never Closes it Shows always. Same issue seams on Desktop too that the Menu not Closes after hit something on it but on Desktop the next overlay overlaps the menu so no issue but if on Desktop edit is done - you see the still open "Tools" menu. Anyone else with that Problem ?

Is there a way to increase the height boundary for the hex overlay in the welcome bar. I want it to repeat on Y but it cuts off before the welcome block ends. Figured it out

Also, is there a way to increase the width without editing the file?

Is there a way to increase the logo size inside the navigation, it's way too tiny x3 Found it

Is there a way to choose a different image fo rmobile devices in the Welcome block

Can I set the welcome block to show a different image at random on each page load?

Is it possible to insert a parallax background?

Is it also possible, in side by side node mode, to make the first node full width, and the rest regular columned width?

Finally, is it possible to move the navigation links to the right?

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