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Anything displayed on the forum can be changed by editing the relevant phrase.

Emails also have their own phrases.

The quickest way to locate a specific phrase is to search the phrases, entering a snippet of the text in the Text Contains field.




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I'm glad we have access to all phrases - that's very helpful - although I must say it seems like an odd way to get to the registration message. I think an option in the registration section that allows you to easily tinker with that particular message would be good. That's the way VB does it - one of the very few aspects where it's easier to use them.


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Why is it odd?
All phrases are in the same place.

That makes more sense to me than having to hunt around different sections of the ACP depending on the nature of the phrase.


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It's great to have all the phrases in one place, but I don't think most laymen (such as myself) would know to look a phrase tool to find the registration messages. I'm definitely glad that tool is there. I assumed, though, that the registration emails sent to new users would be found in the user registration section. That's where I looked first.

Then I looked in every part of the control panel multiple times including Appearances but for some reason I didn't connect it with the Phrase option :). I was looking for something that said Registration...

I would have it accessible in both sections.

I grant that most Forum admins would never alter the message but we altered it dramatically....
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I'm such a laymen I don't know that means but if you can find a way for laymen to easily find and alter the email messages sent out during registration that would be a good thing...

I think if admins saw what the generic phrase was in their registration section many would probably personalize it some extent - adding the names of their Forums at a minimum.

Ours does and says something about the add-ons we've added that make our Forums different and says that we look forward to seeing you on them after you complete your registration. It's a small thing but it adds a nice touch.


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Just go to Admin CP > Appearance > Search Phrases.

Search for part of the text and search. I'm failing to understand what's so hard or odd, as Brogan put it, about that.