Implemented registration logs with clear reasons for rejections


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This has been mentioned in threads on Jaxels utilities - the stock XF does not seem to keep track of why new registrants are rejected. I have received a few emails like this:

"I would like to use your site but your not taking new accounts. Why is that.

...and have no idea what to loosen up so these valid members can participate. I also cannot report to them why they were rejected.

Hopefully this is in the feature list. I'd call it "registration intelligence"....we admins like to know all.

Digital Doctor

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Ideally it's a table that addons can easily write to as well ... as many people are using addons to extend Xenforo's bot protections.

Tracy Perry

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Ideally it would be better not to have to depend on an outside 3rd party add-on to accomplish this ;)
I think his point is that something like FoolHoneyPot could write to it also, as well as some of the other existing add-ons. Would be nice to have it all in one centralized location. :D

Adam Howard

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Tracy Perry

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I'm guessing that FoolHoneyPot doesn't keep such logs on it's own, eh?
@sonnb Stop Here add-on does though
Although I do agree that anything added to the core to make things easier on any level would be good.
Yes, it does... but that's why I said in one centralized location to review. The point that @Digital Doctor was making was that it would be of benefit if the add-ons could also write to it.
As it stands, the built in stuff does almost no logging, FoolHoneyPot writes to it's own log, AnyApi writes to it's own log, CustomImgCaptcha writes to its own log, StopHuman spam the same as well as StopCountrySpam. Combining as much of that into one notification of why a user may have been tagged is much easier than looking through each log. ;)