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XF 1.2 Registration Issue


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registrationissue.png Howdy.
Have a registration issue. I have my registration set on email confirmation but when a new registration comes, it places the registration for admin approval so the person has to wait until admin approves their registration.



XenForo moderator
Staff member
Are you sure those registrations aren't triggering the spam criteria?

If so, you can adjust those in the options.


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P: Users are requiring administrator approval regardless of my "Enable Manual Approval" setting.
S: XenForo 1.2+ comes with a set of spam prevention features that will verify a registration against Stop Forum Spam, DNSBLs, and Project Honey Pot. Depending on your settings, it will either reject registrations or place them in manual approval. Check your spam settings here:
ACP -> Options -> Spam Management

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