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XF 1.5 Registration Confirmation Email is in wrong language


I have three languages installed in my Board.
English - ID 1
French - ID 2
German - ID 3

When Users register, they get their registration confirmation Email in German.

Any idea why?

So the Email is now correct, but I am not sure why. The problem is still there for the Screen you see where it tells you that you should wait for the Email so you can activate your account.
It is in German no matter who registers (English or French). The translation is there though.

ScreenHunter_354 Sep. 20 11.12.jpg ScreenHunter_355 Sep. 20 11.14.jpg


XenForo moderator
Staff member
OK, well that's interesting.
I can confirm the issue but I'm not sure why that would happen.

Which add-ons do you have installed?
Does it happen with all of them disabled?
I am always good for new stuff :)

Here is what I have installed so far...
ScreenHunter_358 Sep. 20 12.50.jpg

I have not deactivated the two non essential AddOns, but I will do that now and check again.
And the problem is caused by the "Register Email" AddOn.
It did not appear before as my other site set to German by default. I will contact the AddOn creator and let him know.