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Registration and posting new threads

I've just registered. It took me 3 tries and given that I'm perfect there must be usability errors in there.

First is it's not immediately obvious that I couldn't get away with just entering the month of birth - I don't like giving away the rest and the day and year looked like optional buttons so I didn't fill them in.

Next the username and password were not remembered when I went back. There are perfectly secure ways to remember them (password can be temporarily stored as md5 with a conditional on it for if the user has gone back. A good conditional might be is the password 32 characters long?)

Third time I made it.

For posting new threads most users have problems finding a forum category page. They will have even more trouble finding a new post button positioned on the right of the page. It threw me.

I hoped something like xenforo would appear. I've been trying to follow Kier on Twitter or eBay or somewhere like that in the hope that a new forum package might be in the works. Looking exciting!

PS - what a dirty avatar for those who haven't selected one.


Well-known member
Thank you for posting and welcome to the site.

Thank you also, for your input. I'm sure the guys will take everything here into consideration. Enjoy xenForo!