Registered Developers

Calm Joe

Hi There

I suggest that you have a section that lists registered professional developers.
You will restrict the list to verified developers and you allow others to post their comments / ratings (under the User's Profile).

Someone who visits the section should be able to see at glance, developers list and rating.

This will be a lot easier than going through the forum trying to find a developer



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I don't think Xenforo really want the issue of saying who is/isn't a "registered" developer

The moment they do that, they then have a level of responsibility.
If someone turns out to be a poor developer / scammer, and xenforo have listed them it could have moral (maybe even legal) implications

Calm Joe

I see what you are saying..
But at least have a place for developers to list themselves and it is up to the contractor to check/chat with the developer. (it is like any other place where people place ads)