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Regex for " http://cdn.mysite.com "?


Well-known member
Hi there,

Can anyone guide me on the exact regex of " http://cdn.mysite.com " for the use of Kier's Post Content Find / Replace addon? This is the only way I can think of to mass change part of the img/attachments' URLs on my site.

In case you need to know why do I need that: I used MetaMirror and [bd] Attachment Store to store all the attachments and images to my server and they are being cached by CDN. Now I installed SSL onto my site and am using CDN's Shared SSL (url: https://mysite.r.worldssl.net), unfortunately all my attachments and img URLs are " http://cdn.mysite.com/example.png " and they are broken. I need to mass change them from " http://cdn.mysite.com/example.png " to " https://mysite.r.worldssl.net/example.png ".

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you! :)