Regarding Hosting plan for Xenforo Best budgeted

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Dear All,

I have seen many plans of hosting i spoke with many cc on their plans.

Almost all said same storry concurrent users they can handle ia 150 to 200
Not rmember exactly its A2Hosting or Blue Host - they mention their server handle max 35 entry processes .

I m starting a new forum ( its still in planning stage, will be using xenforo software only)

As i m starting it my budget is low around 5 to 6 $ per month on hosting.

I found some plans in my range few of them shared hosting, few called cloud.

I am really confuse on which 1 to choose.

I heared about Godaddy and Bigrock here in india.
Rest host i came to know after browsing through hosting section of forum.

I request the experts to guide me on choosing best hosting at optimum rate.

It have shared ultimate hosting llan in my range
It have 1gb ram 1core cpu, free ssl for 1 year, premium DNS
2x processing power

Here is link to it

Next is Bigrock
It provide business cloud with indian server ( as most traffic will be from india will it help speed of loading) in my budget

It have 4 core cpu
4gb ram
Rest unmitered

Here is the link of plan

Next is fastcomet i only heared about it at here only

They have scaleright plan which is in my budget
It have free ssl and 25gb ssd

Here is plan link

Next is Blue host

It have performance cloud plan with indian server which is in my budget.

It hve 4 core cpu and 4gb ram rest unmetered.

Link is here

Next is A2hosting

Which have turbo shared hoating plan which is slightly above my budget.

It have 1gb ram, 1 core cpu
Free ssl and ssd
And 20x boost power

Here is link

Please suggest me with which planni should go as i am completely unaware about new host and hosting provider cc makes full mess in head by sticking their host idea.

My budget is 500 INR per month.

Hope you will help me to choose better 1.

I also have one more question which is not related to xenforo but i dont know where to ask.

So asking you people, should i register domain with big company like godaddy or registring with any company which provide registration at cheap rate will do.

I am asking this question out of fear of domain getting hijack or stolen by someone if i buy from cheap price point of view.

Please help me on it too.

Thanks a lot.

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Please Reply,

I also found new host which gives kvm vps at very low price
1gb ram 1 core cpu 30gb space 500gb bandwidth
At almost 5$


Please tell, is it good to go.

Haw many users can be online with this plan
Thank You


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We can't tell you whats "best". WIthout special needs, there are many good hosting providers. Some poeple like one, some people like another...

Don't know about India, but that cheap hostings tend to have domains stolen is news to me. As long as you adhere the laws, there shouldn't be a problem.


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You want cheap reliable hosting @ $1 a month with live chat help and very friendly service?
I have been a customer for 5 years and very happy with them.

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Thanks for valuable replies from us.
I understood that, depends on use and some hosting performing well in your area can matter the choice.

Unless i use and found which is good, i cant say about 1 which is fast relaible and secure.

It is better to go with big companies.

Btwn i would like to ask is anyone using VPS