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hi, I would like to make a refund. unfortunately love has not blossomed. I bought the license and download it, unfortunately I'm not very happy. How can i get a refund or partially refund?

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I open the ticket before, and their answer is "I am afraid now the software has been downloaded a refund would be inappropriate. Before downloading you would of been informed of the terms and conditions and accepted them accordingly including our refund policy."
And yes, I try the demo before I purchase, but it is shown at web page, it doesn't show me how difficult to set it up and how terrible of its compatience.

Tbh if setting up a forum software is too hard for you, then perhaps you shouldnt be running a forum at all. You apparently lack the competence to understand and learn the very basics of managing a forum, you aint suited to be a forum admin just like some people aint suited to be driving a car.