XF 1.4 Redirects from Moved Threads - Why must the URL change?

When you currently move a Xenforo thread it takes the original URL:

And gives it a new thread ID in the appropriate forum:

And redirects from the former to the latter based on your selection.

Is there an option that allows you to physically move the thread without changing the URL? Isn't that the beauty of having a thread ID number- so moderation and changes allow you to adjust forum and thread titles and locations without creating a bunch of 301/404s?

This seems like either a flawed workflow or a missing feature. Perhaps there is an option I'm overlooking, but I fear not... any help?


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The original thread ID doesn't change when it is moved - whether you choose to create a (permanent) redirect or not.


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what he is trying to say, and pardon any typos I'm mobile, is when you move a thread with an expiring redirect, the redirect itself gets a new thread ID. That redirects then gets indexed by Googleas a separate thread, Url rather, and then after it expires it becomes a 404
I was mistaken and/or explained myself wrong, but let me continue.

I understand that this is the designed behavior for temporary redirects but I'm questioning why? The URL structure was designed in a way that makes this unnecessary. Wouldn't it make more sense to simply have the thread title (with identical URLs) displayed in both origin and destination forums but when clicked the template shows from the destination forum in both instances?


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They are both stored in the xf_thread table (as different discussion types), which requires a unique (thread) ID for each record.